Vintage Garnet Glass Earrings with Gold Filled Earwires
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Vintage Garnet Glass Earrings
** Also available in other colors - see note below!

vintage garnet glass earrings with gold filled earwires on sale at Weekend Jewelry

Vintage glass has wonderful style - and you know it's eco friendly and good for the planet!

These tiny garnet glass rectangles are vintage stock from the 1960s. The glass has a subtle back coating that gives a hint of texture and shimmer to the glass - which is the color of expensive garnet gemstones. The glass "jewels" are placed in a brass setting, golden with just a hint of vintage patina.

These are tiny - the glass jewels measure approx. 3/8" and the earrings measure about 1/2" below gold filled earwires.

** Note - this style is also available in deep sapphire blue, peridot green, soft shimmery pink, pale amethyst and crystal clear - just contact me if you'd like to see pics!

Special Sale Item E0907
$ 14.00 $11.59

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