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Gold Necklace with Swarovski Crystal Briolette

Handmade necklace made with gold(fill) and a brilliant faceted Swarovski crystal briolette, wire wrapped and paired with one pretty, white freshwater pearl. The chain and clasp are gold-filled, and there are two oval white pearls at the clasp. The perfect bridal necklace.

It's rich. It's glamorous. You'll wear this handmade necklace with a simple top and pants for work, and feel like a million bucks. You'll wear this necklace with your backless Armani sheath, and feel like a million bucks. I think you can see the trend here. This necklace will make you feel like a million bucks. :-)

A brilliant faceted Swarovski crystal briolette is wire-wrapped and paired with one pretty, white freshwater pearl with golden accents, the 16" chain and clasp are gold-filled, and there are two oval white pearls at the clasp. That's it. Simplicity. Brilliance. Of course, this is the perfect bridal necklace.

Item No. N302
$ 70.00

Swarovski crystal earrings in a classic design. The Swarovski briolettes measure approx. 14mm, and have an aurora borealis finish - like a miniature prism. They're handwrapped with gold-filled wire to gold-filled earwires. These are perfect bridal earrings!
Coordinating earrings
girly bracelet with gold and bling!....14 karat gold-filled tubes and glittering swarovski crystals hand-wired to gold-filled links, with handformed gold-filled clasp
Coordinating bracelets
Swarovski crystal flower earrings, close to perfect! The crystals are almost one-half inch in diameter, shaped as a pretty flower, and the crystal has a gorgeous aurora borealis finish, so they reflect rainbow colors every time you move. Stunning bridal earrings! The flower crystals dangle very gently from hammered, slender gold-filled earwires.