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Jennifer Lownie
(816) 358-6152
Swarovski Crystal Lariat Necklace with Gold

handmade lariat necklace with golden chain leading to a loop of tiny swarovski crystals, and at the other end of the lariat necklace, Swarovski crystal teardrops and sparkling briolette

This darling handmade lariat necklace is simple and stunning with golden chain (quality gold plate over natural brass) leading to a loop of tiny swarovski crystals. The focal end of the lariat sparkles with Swarovski crystal teardrops and a gorgeous sparkling briolette. At twenty-two inches the necklace is long enough to tuck into a shirt collar, and dangle enticingly past the base of the throat. Lovely bridal necklace that won't overshine your dress but will look captivating and feminine! (and you know it'll fit perfectly!)

Item No. N244
$ 74.00

swarovski austrian crystals are are topped with 14 karat gold-filled rounds and dangle gently beneath gold-filled ear posts (wires also available)
Coordinating earrings
girly bracelet with gold and bling!....14 karat gold-filled tubes and glittering swarovski crystals hand-wired to gold-filled links, with handformed gold-filled clasp
Coordinating bracelets
Swarovski crystal flower earrings, close to perfect! The crystals are almost one-half inch in diameter, shaped as a pretty flower, and the crystal has a gorgeous aurora borealis finish, so they reflect rainbow colors every time you move. Stunning bridal earrings! The flower crystals dangle very gently from hammered, slender gold-filled earwires.