handcrafted jewelry for women and men, made in America with some imported materials, featuring semi-precious gemstones and all original designs...an exclusive retail site.
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Jennifer Lownie
(816) 358-6152
Silver Lariat Necklace

all-silver lariat necklace with a clean-lined diamond shaped silver focal bead topped by a cluster of round silver bubble beads, with sterling chain is doubled for extra pizzazz, and easy to use hand-shaped silver loop

This handmade, all-silver lariat necklace goes with everything - it'll be the one you grab first! The focal bead, a clean-lined diamond shaped silver bead, is topped by a cluster of round silver "bubble" beads, the 22" sterling chain is doubled for extra pizzazz, and the hand-shaped silver loop is easy to use. Modest in cost, maximum impact!

Item No. N238
$ 118.00

two rows of sturdy sterling silver cable chain are handwired to a sterling silver handformed and hammered spiral...sterling silver handformed clasp
Coordinating bracelets
Sturdy 16 gauge sterling silver has been shaped in a squiggle, then hammered, shaped, and lightly polished, to make these fun, asymetric earrings. (Note that because the squiggles are hand-formed, each will vary slightly.) Sterling silver earwires.
Coordinating earrings
a lightweight, smallish earring - that's also interesting! - these are made just for you. Sterling silver is shaped into three circles, slightly offset with individual variations. The circles hang approx. one half inch below sterling silver earwires.