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"Did I say they liked the earrings? They LOVED the earrings!" logo earrings created for Act 4 Murder Paula Hilton, Act 4 Murder

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Your logo jewelry - earrings, pendant, necklace or bracelet - is handmade in my studio.

The basic material for each pendant or earring drop is lacquered paper - which of course is not expensive. The expense - and it can add up - is in the time it takes to create each piece. Of course, if there are additional materials - precious metals, vintage glass, and crystal - the cost increases.

There is always a design consultation, back and forth until we decide exactly how you want your jewelry to look and wear. Even the cleanest logo requires adaptation so that it'll be the best for your piece. The design and creation fee will vary depending on the time involved - as a basic fee, your first pendant or pair of earrings will cost $50 and up.

The cost does go down with multiple items - though each piece requires several layers and can take hours to complete.

Your jewelry will be original, unique - and completely yours.

Please contact me for further pricing info.