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Logo Earrings and Pendants
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Jewelry with your logo is:
  • A wonderful promotional tool
  • A great commemorative gift
  • A super conversation starter!
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Jennifer Lownie
(816) 358-6152
Kansas City MO

"I got them and they are so cute! way beyond my expectations!"

Jahari, OdaraDesigns

Is there a symbol that has special meaning for you? I can make a fabulous piece of personalized symbol jewelry for you. Email me to discuss!

Here are more samples of logo jewelry I've made. Note that some of these were "on spec" - sadly, I have not yet heard back from Stephen Colbert...
logo earrings for Daily Candy earrings with Stephen Colbert in presidential mode logo earrings for Inc Dot Com
Daily Candy Stephen Colbert and his Presidential Glare Inc.Com
necklace for Blue Mountain Community Renewal Council logo bracelet for Blue Mountain Community Renewal Council logo earrings for Arts Fund Phoenix
Business Week Magazine Blue Mountain Community Renewal Council Arts Fund Monongehela

This is a retail site. If you're interested in wholesale purchase, please visit my wholesale jewelry online store at Weekend Jewelry Wholesale. You may also wish to visit Paper Jewels to see my collection of Japanese Kanji and original Lacquered Paper Jewelry. Thank you!

All designs herein are original and copyright Weekend Jewelry.