handcrafted jewelry for women and men, made in America with some imported materials, featuring semi-precious gemstones and all original designs...an exclusive retail site.
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Lacquer Earrings
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Jennifer Lownie
(816) 358-6152
Luminous white pearls are wrapped with fine gauge sterling silver wire in a pretty little nest. Earrings you can wear every day or night, for the next several years. Or decades. The ear drops measure barely one half inch below slender sterling silver earwires.Handmade golden hearts in foil-lined glass are topped with tiny blue faceted crystals, with a subtle aurora borealis finish. The ear drops dangle from a hammered gold-filled link. The earrings measure just under one inch below gold-filled earwires.Pink and gold chandelier earrings...The gold plated filigree is rounded and floral-ish, and the handwired drops are small teardrops in pink mother of pearl. The earring drops measure approx. one and a half inches below gold-filled earwires. Very girly!
Petite earrings with a lot of impact. Rich carnelian teardrops, in colors ranging from honey to deep orange, are paired with golden bali-style spacers and vivid turquoise quartz rounds, all handwired to dangle below gold-filled earwires. You may request ear posts if you prefer.Slender teardrops of matte black jasper are topped with rich deep orange rondelles of gemstone carnelian in these tiny, striking earrings. The eardrops measure just over one half inch below sterling silver earwires.Swarovski crystal earrings in a classic design. The Swarovski briolettes measure approx. 14mm, and have an aurora borealis finish - like a miniature prism. They're handwrapped with gold-filled wire to gold-filled earwires. These are perfect bridal earrings!
Earrings made with 16 gauge gold-filled wire, strong and sturdy. The gold wire is shaped and curved into spirals, hammered for texture, and suspended from gold-filled earwires. Since these are shaped and hammered by hand, there will always be small differences - you'll have a unique pair of earrings that go with, well, everything! The spirals are approximately one inch long. Also available in sterling silver.Swarovski crystal flower earrings, close to perfect! The crystals are almost one-half inch in diameter, shaped as a pretty flower, and the crystal has a gorgeous aurora borealis finish, so they reflect rainbow colors every time you move. Stunning bridal earrings! The flower crystals dangle very gently from hammered, slender gold-filled earwires.intricate filigree cross earrings in a celtic pattern are lightly oxidized sterling silver, and measure just over one inch below sterling silver earwires
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